What are Re-Entry Services?

Re-entry services refer to programs and resources designed to assist individuals who are transitioning from incarceration back into their communities. These services aim to address the various challenges that formerly incarcerated individuals may face, including finding housing, securing employment, accessing healthcare, and rebuilding relationships with family and friends.

Re-entry services can include a range of support, such as case management, mentoring, job training, substance abuse treatment, mental health counseling, and legal assistance. These services are typically provided by government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and community-based groups.

The ultimate goal of re-entry services is to reduce recidivism and support successful reintegration into society. By addressing the root causes of criminal behavior and providing resources to help individuals overcome challenges, re-entry services can help break the cycle of incarceration and promote positive outcomes for both individuals and their communities.

Hope For Prisoners

Hope For Prisoners is a nonprofit organization based in Las Vegas, Nevada, that provides re-entry services to individuals who have been incarcerated and are returning to their communities. The organization was founded in 2010 by Jon Ponder, a former inmate who was released in 2009 and experienced firsthand the challenges of re-entry.

Hope For Prisoners offers a comprehensive program that includes job training, life skills development, mentoring, and access to various community resources. The program begins while the individuals are still incarcerated, and continues for up to 18 months after their release.

The organization works closely with local law enforcement agencies, businesses, and community organizations to provide participants with a range of support, including job readiness training, resume writing assistance, and job placement services. Additionally, Hope For Prisoners offers classes on financial literacy, parenting skills, anger management, and other topics that are critical to successful re-entry.

Hope For Prisoners reports an impressive success rate, with over 95% of participants remaining free from re-arrest for at least one year after completing the program. The organization has received widespread recognition for its innovative approach to re-entry services and has been featured on national news outlets such as CNN and NBC Nightly News.